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Toni Fulford Evans, Senior Marketing Innovator and owner of, delivers meaningful strategies and enticing collateral materials for appreciative business leaders. If your business needs help with branding or requires a new vision to capitalize on changing markets, trust Toni for effective and measurable results.  Corporate and small business satisfied customers appreciate her exceptional service.

"Toni's work is outstanding. I never had to worry about completion, on time or anything.

I would work with her again and again." —Richie S.

"Toni is an excellent marketer and team player. As the marketing liaison for Juniper Networks Federal Division

she displayed tremendous skill & knowledge.  Most importantly, she had a strong rapport with the

salesforce and is a dynamic marketing professional with a great attention to detail.  Her social media

skills will add value to any organization. Our brand awareness more than tripled on

LinkedIn and Twitter as a result of Toni's efforts." —Bob D.

"A great partner and team player, I can depend on her input and delivery of everything we ask of her.

She's a nice person and very good marketer." —John D.

"If I could only find 10 more like Toni, my life would be easier!" —Mark J.

"As one of Toni's clients, I don't hesitate to say she is an extraordinary professional. I have seen many examples of her talent and am impressed by her diligence and strong work ethic. Toni has outstanding organizational skills. She is able to successfully complete multiple projects with 'perfect' results despite deadline pressure. Upon joining the group, she quickly gained the respect of the  clients and our team." —Susan J.

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